Feb 23, 2011

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Now that my book release for SYNEMANCER: SYN IN THE CITY is just around the corner I’m having second thoughts about the title (way too late the game for this, but I can’t seem to help what my brain decides to obsess about). Why did I think Synemancer would be a fun word to use? No one knows what the heck it is. Frankly, I made it up during one of my marathon writing session deliriums. It’s the combination of the word Synergy and the word Necromancer. My main character, Cara Augustine, is a witch with very rare powers. She can pull magical power from other beings and weave them together to make something stronger and more powerful than any of them could have been on their own. In my past life (pre-writer) I was a business person in the 90′s when “synergy” was all the rage, and a die-hard urban fantasy/paranormal fiction book fan where necromancers were known to hang out on occasion, I decided to combine the two concepts. Maybe SYNEMANCER will catch on, like “Whoa, that guy took synergy to the next level, he’s a Synemancer!” Um. I guess we’ll see.

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