Jan 20, 2013

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Angel of Syn
(A Synemancer Novel)

Angel of Syn by Mertianna Georgia

Book Two in the Synemancer Series, is now available in both print and ebook editions!

Contemporary witch Cara Augustine is wanted by the Portalkind police. She broke a major covenant when she accidentally made a werewolf her witch’s familiar. That crime is considered enslaving a human-and the punishment is death.

But even on the run as a fugitive, she quickly learns a Synemancer’s life is never simple as she fends off an amorous Nephilim who has just learned he’s a powerful combination of half-angel and half-witch, a treacherous and deranged French werewolf who wants to enslave her, and the darkly handsome, formidable Nightkind who is determined to marry her. Each powerful supernatural man has his own reasons for wanting to possess Cara, body and soul, and nothing will stop them from pursuing her.

In an effort to escape the Portalkind police, Cara and her companions stumble into another dimension and find themselves in a strange Garden of Eden. But they quickly discover that this dangerous world, filled with strange creatures that are both deadly and beautiful, is no paradise. Can Cara survive this world and find her way home? And if she does, will it only be to face her execution for a crime she didn’t mean to commit?


What Readers & Reviewers Are Saying

…You won’t want to put it down. The action is constant and fast paced.

…Sexy and powerful.

~Racing to Read

This was a good read with an ever better alternate world. … this book stood on its own.

~Deal Sharing Aunt

It’s packed with details, action and twists. I had to fight against the need to speed read in order to find out what happened next so that I didn’t miss anything important

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4 flowers – This was a very good book! I’d recommend it to my friends.

~It’s Raining Books

It was pretty much non-stop excitement and action from the first page and had an interesting premise.

If you like a sexy paranormal that falls outside the norm, and one that’ll keep you turning pages to see what happens next, I’d recommend Angel of Syn. It’ll keep your heart racing.

~Straight from the Library

BOOK BLING gives Angel of Syn 4 STARS!

Unique and highly entertaining! …a fast-paced plot with a fascinating mixture of adventurous encounters for Cara, the only living Synemancer witch.

~Book Bling Blog

Ms. Georgia’s writing is fun and often steamy. It flows well making the story a joy… If you are looking for a paranormal with attitude and bite, then this is the book. Just make sure you read Syn in the City first.

~Writer Wonderland

Four Stars — For a new twist on the paranormal genre, try Angel of Syn. I’ve never read a story with so many different paranormal beings, and hadn’t ever heard of a synemancer before. There’s a sexy nephilim, a super hot werewolf, and yummy Nightkind all fighting for Cara’s heart, soul and body.

From the first page this book is all go-go-go … excitement, action, danger. Don’t pick this up unless you don’t mind heart-pounding thrills. The author has a skill with words and kept me engaged.

~Long and Short Reviews



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