Jul 10, 2011

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Syn In The City Character Study: Cousin Evika

Evika from Syn In The City


In my book, Syn In The City, one of the main plot points is the protagonist’s cousin/best friend goes missing and is presumed kidnapped after a wild night on the town in San Francisco.  The heroine, Cara, spends most of the book trying to find and save her.  Although Evika didn’t have a big “on camera” role in the book, when she does appear, she has a big impact.  When developing the Cousin Evika character I envisioned a dazzlingly beautiful young woman, one that women would envy and men would desire.  In a quote from the book, “Men were attracted to her like dragons to gold…”  As I wrote her, she basically demanded to have flaming red hair with a vibrant personality to match.  (Bossy little thing.)  She also had to be a confident, intelligent woman.  Her voice is forceful and she has a laugh that’s unrestrained and full of life — the kind of laugh that turns people’s heads and makes them smile in spite of themselves.  She can be self-centered, obstinate, and pushy.  But her redeeming quality is that she loves her cousins Cara and Sonya, and would do anything to protect them, just like they would for her.

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