Aug 14, 2011

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Inspiration for Tom

Inspiration for Tom

I really don’t want to put specific images in peoples minds — other than written descriptions — because readers’ imaginations will supply the necessary character image as they read.

However, I wanted to share the picture that inspired me to write Tom’s character in SYN IN THE CITY.  As the young werewolf who becomes Cara’s familiar I wanted someone who was old enough have a romantic relationship, but who was also young and vulnerable.   As I conceptualize a character I sometimes want a visual reminder to keep me focused on their individual personalities and looks.
The picture, along with a character profile becomes part of the novel guidebook I put together to help me keep track of who, what, where, and when of the various aspects of the story.  This is especially important with a series to ensure continuity of facts to tie the books together.
I’m nearly done writing the next Synemancer novel, ANGEL OF SYN.  I find having a guidebook is an essential memory aid.  So Tom will continue to have copper-penny eyes, blond surfer-dude good looks, and that touch of vulnerability that makes the heroine want to wrap her arms around his warm body and just hold on to him.

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