Sep 8, 2011

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Can’t Talk. Editing.


There once was a lady from Nantucket…oops wrong limerick.  That’s the problem with editing, it sends my mind wandering off task.  Re-reading some of the steamy passages of my new novel made my mind wander to, uh, um, Nantucket.  Must be a great place.

I’m going through ANGEL OF SYN to make sure I vary my sentence lengths.  A member of one of my writing groups pointed out that I tend to write sentences in a certain way.  I looked, and by golly, she was right.  We writers have our own styles of writing, it goes along with our writer’s Voice.  But when it’s too much of the same thing, that style can either get boringly monotonous or throw the reader out of the story because, yes, they too have noticed your odd writerly quirk of putting three commas in every sentence.  Variety is the spice of life and of a story.  Vary the length of sentences and make the length part of the story (for instance short sentences for action, longer sentences for slower passages).  Okay, got to go now.  Editing.

  1. Dawn Bettin says:

    Just finished “Syn in the City” and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to your next book.


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