Jun 12, 2011

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The Shingled House

Author Mertianna Georgia The Shingled House

It looked to be just another ordinary older house built circa 1910 as so many houses in this neighborhood were. The uncharacteristic “otherness” felt from the house may have struck the casual observer as a figment of their imagination. How could they know that this particular house, having been populated by several generations of “gifted” Carver women, was now imbued with their very essences therefore forever transformed from wood and brick into something more? The current residents included three generations, well, perhaps four, if one were to count the ghost of Alice. And then there was the House.

The House was very fond of the women who lived in it and would do anything to protect them.

Living in their extraordinary house, each Carver woman has her own story:

Loren is divorced and depressed, just going through the motions of life until a chance meeting with a handsome local shop owner, but a danger from her past may not let her live long enough to explore her new feelings…

Milly has a gift for healing and a deep knowledge of the uses for medicinal plants. She was famous for her teas to sooth a nervous stomach, poultices for a rash, and just maybe, potions for a broken heart. But she is haunted by a long-lost playmate…

Jasmine’s visions of the future could be wonderful or frightening; she never knew which it would be…or which would come chillingly true..

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Alice is renowned for her incredible beauty and infamous for her string of husbands, each dying within the first few years of marriage and under mysterious circumstances…

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