Jan 20, 2013

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The Cat Maiden – A Short Story

My short story, “The Cat Maiden” is now available in an anthology called Beltane: Ten Tales of Witchcraft.




What’s Being Said

I have friends who are devout cat-lovers and fans of fantasy fiction who must, absolutely MUST read this story

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. I’m going to insist on it. (And of course, they will then be compelled to read the rest of the anthology, which is as it should be, because I cannot decide on a favourite here, no more than I could choose a favourite chocolate out of the box.) I adore the sweetness of Georgia’s characters, struggling to be true and strong in a harsh world. Elrick, her protagonist, is fortunate indeed to have been granted two loving guardians with gifts of magick to teach and protect him. I wish I could see this illustrated with watercolours, each picture bordered in gilt.

~Tori L. Ridgewood

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