Jul 17, 2011

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Character Study: Azrael — Angel of Death

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He’s described at six-feet tall, long silvery-blond hair, sky blue eyes, androgynous beauty, and muscular body.  He’s Cara’s bodyguard, becoming bonded with her toward the end of Book One, Syn In The City.  In Book Two, Angel of Syn, he becomes obsessed with Cara.  What’s not in the book is his perspective, in his words:

“I remember the moment she became my world, my obsession.  I’d been warned.  They told me of her power when I took the assignment.  But how could I know the truth of her terrible beauty, the dangerous, seductive allure of her?  The moment we met a bond flared between us, binding me tighter than steel restraints, she’d bound my heart along with my body.  My job was to protect her from harm.  And I watch her.  I will always watch her.  I was named Azrael, the angel of death.  Not an easy name to live up to.  But it’s well deserved.  Now, my life is hers, my body is hers, my soul is hers.  I’ll protect her, even from herself.  I settle on the stair landing of the house we live in, a higher, strategic position.  I know she chaffs under my surveillance, but how can I protect her if she leaves my sight?  I watch as her full lips press against an apple, as her white teeth tear into its sweet flesh.  My body tightens.  Can I be jealous of a fruit?  She turns and throws the core at me.  I’m careful to catch it, fresh from her mouth, to smell her, to taste her, in the only way I dare.”

  1. Danielle A. says:

    I LOVED Syn in the City!! I cant wait until the next book! Is there a specific date for release yet? Also please update some more excerpts soon! I’m very glad to have you as one of my new favorite authors; there aren’t too many. :)

    • Mertianna Georgia says:

      Thank you! My publisher has told me that Angel of Syn will be out this year in the Fall. I’ll try to post more often. I’ve recently made some large time committments and haven’t been posting. You’ve given me the motivation get back on the writing horse!

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